Active for Life

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Active for Life is a physical activity program to reduce falls risk in older adults. Physical activity is important for older adults in order to maintain health and quality of life. This program focuses on physical activity as a way to maintain or increase mobility, strengthen muscles, improve balance and reduce the risk of falling among older adults. The Active for Life program consists of a warm-up, strengthening exercises, balance exercises, obstacle course that will test many different skills and abilities and a cool down.

We are looking for community leaders to take part and learn more about the falls risk for older adults and learn how to reduce the risk through physical activity programming. By completing this training workshop, you will gain the knowledge and ability to deliver a physical activity program to older adults with the intent of building strength, balance, and to decrease the risk of falling. The training will consist of in-class instruction as well as hands-on experience in program delivery.

Interested in becoming an Active for Life Trainer? Email Megan Cummings at