After School Ideas

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This page is designed to pull together links, resources and helpful tools to help encourage active play during the after school hours. We have ideas for teachers, students, and coaches. Hope it helps you Find Your Fit after school!


New Fun Activities-With Videos to Try
Acro Yoga
Pickle Ball
Tether Ball

Physical Activity Tips and Tricks

Our Favourite Ideas -To Cure ‘Bord-ness’ at Home

1) Invite some of your child’s friends over for a healthy dinner. After dinner, have an active game of TWISTER or HIDE AND SEEK around your neighborhood.

2) Turn off those screens and encourage your child to BUILD A FORT in your backyard. Have some small items in your home that they can use to build a fort such as blankets, cardboard boxes, sticks, tape, etc.

3) Put on your sneakers and go for a WALK or HIKE around your neighborhood. Make it fun by playing “I Spy” with them along the way.

4) Not nice outside today? That’s ok! Have a DANCE OFF with the kids. Turn up the music REALLY LOUD and see what they can do! Share some old dance moves that you did as a kid and I’m sure they’ll have a ball!

5) Have a frisbee kicking around the house? Walk to a nearby green space and play FRISBEE with them. Why not bring the dog along too!

6) Have a skipping rope collecting dust in the closet? Well why not take it out and go SKIPPING. Make it a little challenging for the kids and see who can skip the longest at one time.

7) UH OH snow is coming……That’s OK! Have a SNOWBALL TOSS. Make a target in the snow with food coloring and throw some snowballs to see who can get closest to the bullseye!

8) It’s still snowing outside? Have a LONG JUMP contest in the snow! If the snow has melted go to a local beach or playground where there’s lots of sand and see how far you can jump!


Additional Resources:
Healthy Students Healthy Schools
Boys and Girls Club
FMS Training (Functional Movement Systems Certification)
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Big Brothers Big Sisters – Mentoring Programs
Leisure Information Network


Our friends at School Sports NL offer programs at Schools around Newfoundland and Labrador through their Participation Nation Unplugged program. It provides non-competitive physical activity alternatives for children in the after school time period.