Alphabet Madness

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Suggested Age: 5-9 years of age

Large Print Letters
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Starting with letter “A”, call out each letter of the alphabet, and a corresponding word or phrase that begins with that letter. The parent can expand on the word/phrase to create an image and to promote movement. After each movement, review the letter and the word, and then ask the children to call out the letter that comes next.  You can continue through the entire alphabet, or select certain letters each day.


B–Breeze: Now a breeze begins blowing, and it blows the apples trees back and forth. (Have children sway & stretch their trunks while trying to keep their “roots” in place.)

C–Cat: Let’s see if you can get on your hands and knees and arch your back like a scared cat.

D–Dance: Now let’s dance. Wiggle your body and shake your legs.

F–Frog: Jump like a frog on your lily pad! Now jump all around the lily pads without touching any of the other frogs.

(Source: Meagan Young, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist)