Call for Response to FCM Report Card Survey – Sport and Recreation

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For over two years, CPRA has been working with the Federal-Provincial/Territorial Sport Committee (FPTSC) Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Work Group to develop a common approach to measure infrastructure needs and priorities throughout Canada.  In a tandem initiative, CPRA has created an Infrastructure Task Group to organize and coordinate our participation in the development of a National Infrastructure Strategy for Recreation and Parks. And most recently, CPRA has been working with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) to integrate sport and recreation facilities into the second edition of the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card (CIRC).  We are very excited about the potential and combined impact of these initiatives to elevate the positioning of the parks and recreation sector’s infrastructure to a standard consistent with the profile enjoyed by other sectors.

The survey to collect information for the second edition of the Report Card survey was launched on October 27, 2014.  We are very pleased to report that sport and recreation infrastructure is prominently featured in this questionnaire – which will also collect information on the state of our country’s municipally owned water, wastewater, storm water, roads, transit and local bridges. The survey link was distributed directly to municipal chief administrative officers (CAOs) who have been asked to appoint a survey coordinator for their municipality. The response deadline is December 19, 2014.

As you may recall, the inaugural 2012 Report Card stimulated significant media attention and a wide range of debate about the deteriorating state of public infrastructure. In part, due to its affiliation with FCM, the Report Card’s findings gained a status that allowed many national and provincial organizations to initiate conversations about improvement strategies including renewed infrastructure investments, new funding formulas and proactive asset management methods and protocols.  Given that sport and recreation facilities will be included in the 2015 Report Card, we eagerly await the opportunity to begin similar discussions that could advance our sector’s infrastructure interests.

The purpose of this communiqué is to ask you to participate in the survey process by ensuring that your municipality responds to the Report Card survey.  We expect that many people from various municipal departments will contribute knowledge and information to fill out the survey questionnaire.  We are appealing to CPRA members to make certain that your expertise plus all relevant recreation and sports facility data are readily available to your colleagues who are responsible for completing the survey.  In our view, the value of the Report Card’s results in facilitating future efforts to advance parks and recreation infrastructure issues will increase in direct proportion to our sector’s survey response rate.

CPRA remains committed to the pursuit of a Canadian sport and recreation infrastructure database.  Being included in the 2015 Report Card is an excellent opportunity to leverage the status of the Report Card to help us realize this ultimate goal, by drawing credible attention to our sector’s infrastructure issues.  We trust that we can count on your support by getting involved in the survey process so that sports and recreation facilities are fully represented in this edition of the Report Card.  We are convinced that doing so will have a positive and lasting effect on our ability to make a positive difference in advancing our infrastructure initiatives.

Thank you!