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Please be advised that as per Article 17-1 of the Association’s Constitution, any person proposing amendments to the Constitution at the Annual General Meeting must submit the proposed amendments to the membership thirty (30) days prior to the General Meeting.  The 2018 Annual General Meeting (Part I) is scheduled for May 12, 2018 in the Town of Gander.
Any members wishing to propose amendments to the Constitution must submit the proposed changes to the Recreation NL office no later than Thursday April 12, 2018 to the Constitutional Nomination Committee.  RESOLUTION FORM
The following Board of Directors positions are subject to election at the Recreation NL Annual General Meeting on May 12, 2018:
Regional Director – Eastern (2 Year Term)
Regional Director – Western  (2 Year Term)
Physical Activity Representative (2 Year Term)
Special Populations Representative (2 Year Term)
Please note: Regional Director positions are subject to election only if a representative is not determined through the regional process.
Nominations must be received by mail or hand delivered up to one hour prior to the start of the Business Meeting Part II, scheduled for Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.  Only sustaining members in good standing are entitled to nominate an individual for the above positions listed.
Being a member of the Board of Directors involves attendance at board meetings, assignment to various sub-committees, regional seminars, and being part of the decision making process of the Association.
To nominate an individual, please fill out the  Board Nomination Form.
Proposed amendments and Board Nomination Forms must be submitted to:
Mr. Jerry Knee, Recreation NL Constitution/Nominations Committee
1296A Kenmount Road, Paradise, NL  A1L 1N3
Fax # 709-729-3814,