CS4L Alignment in Recreation Setting

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The journey began with an exploratory conversation in December 2011 and has developed into a multi-layer initiative. The intent of the project was to develop resources to assist the City of Abbotsford PRC as well as make all the resources accessible for other recreation departments to access free of charge.

Since December 2011, this initiative has promoted the values of Canadian Sport for Life with an emphasis on incorporating physical literacy into recreation programming. This community-led project is a prime example of how sport, recreation and health sectors can collaborate to combine their strengths to create well-rounded programs offered in a recreation environment.

This document provides an example for how other municipal recreation departments can use the Canadian Sport for Life framework to enhance the

quality of programming. Through this process, the many strategies tested are highlighted in the document and will provide insight as to how the initiative was developed and implemented.

This document will to evolve over time as this project will continue to uncover new trends and information. As a result, this resource will foster a plan for the City of Abbotsford PRC to develop, provide and sustain high quality programming.

Alignment in Recreation Setting Document