Community Healthy Eating Framework

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Has your town adopted a healthy eating policy, and is wondering how to put it into action? Check out our Community Healthy Eating Framework which aims to support municipalities that have adopted a healthy eating policy by providing ideas and resources to help promote and support the policy throughout the community.

Promoting and supporting your healthy eating policy can include:

  1. Establishing a committee to support the implementation of your healthy eating policy
  2. Performing a food and beverage assessment of your community facilities, programs and events
  3. Determining priority areas to focus on as you move toward creating healthier food environments in your community
  4. Building partnerships to help support your work and encourage partners and other community organizations to adopt their own healthy eating policies
  5. Exploring opportunities to develop programs that focus on food literacy, and increase access to healthy food in the community

Below you’ll find the Framework, as well as other resources and tools to support you in promoting healthy eating throughout your community:

Community Healthy Eating Framework

Community Healthy Eating Framework Infographic

Sample Food Environment Assessment

Community Food Action Space

Community Healthy Living Fund (Government of NL)

Baby-Friendly NL

Food First NL