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Welcome to Fall! Maybe the best time of year for us (pumpkin spice anyone?). Though the temperature is dropping, doesn’t mean that our activity levels have to!

It can be super easy to remain active during these coming months! Walking the dog? That’s remaining active! Parking further away from the shop? Also keeping active! So over the next six weeks, we are encouraging residents and organizations of Newfoundland and Labrador to stay engaged on Recreation NL’s social media to learn how to can keep those activity levels up while being able to win prizes!

During the #findyourfallfit campaign, we are asking all Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans to send us their photos of being active! People can post on our Facebook page or Twitter using the hashtag, #findyourfallfit, to be automatically entered to win a prize! We are looking for entries from every corner of our great province. The randomly selected winner can provide us with their address and we will ship their prize to them. Our prize categories are as follows:

Individual Prizes
10 prizes weekly.
Photo of an individual engaging in physical activity.

Buddy Prizes
Two prizes weekly.
A photo of two people who stay active together.

Group Prize
One prize weekly.
A photo of a group/organization/company that is staying active.

Individual Prizes (10 awarded per week)
One reflective vest, one light flasher, one reflective band, all in an Eat Great and Participate bag.

Buddy Prizes (two awarded per week)
Two safety whistles, two reflective vests, two light flashers, two reflective bands all in a Recreation NL backpack.

Group Prize (one awarded per week)
10 Find Your Fit t-shirts, 10 light flashers, 10 reflective bands all in a Recreation NL backpack.

Need some ideas to get people going? Check out our link for some great resources:

Find Your Fall Fit Ideas