Floor Shuffleboard

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Activities 65+

Suggested Age: 12-64+ years of age


  • Cue (to push the discs)
  • Court (See below)
  • Disc



A game will consist of 8 frames. A frame is when all four players have played their discs.

To start a game, yellow discs will be placed on the right-hand side of the court. All discs will be placed in the 10 off area. Yellow disc is shot first alternating until discs are all shot. Black shoots first to start the second frame, with the color alternating to start each frame.

Discs must be launched from anywhere within the shooting player’s half of the court area. Players change sides halfway through the game and switch the colour of the disc so that the final frames are played with the opposite colour as the beginning frames. Scorekeepers will change the scoreboard at the halfway point to reflect this transition.

The shooting player’s feet must not come in contact with the baseline or step over at any time during the execution of the shot. Penalty: 10 off.

A disc, which stops in the area between furthest deadline and starting area, is dead and shall be removed before further play. If a disc is touching furthest deadline, it is in play. A delivered disc coming in contact with a disc touching the deadlines becomes a dead disc and is removed unless this disc is also in contact with deadline.

A disc that comes to rest within the 10 off area without touching any outside lines is scored a minus ten. The separating triangle is not considered a line, so a disc coming to rest in contact with the triangle will be scored as a minus ten.

Any disc that clearly leaves the court beyond the furthest baseline, or comes to rest outside the sideline, is a dead disc.

A disc, which stops beyond the furthest baseline or beyond the sideline, shall be removed.

A disc or discs returning to, or remaining on the playing area, of the court after having struck an object outside the playing area, shall be removed from further play.

The baseline is the line continuing on the outside of the court for six feet six inches, at each end and also the line signifying the end of the court at each end.

SCORING: After all 8 discs have been shot, the score is counted. A disc scores in the area in which it comes to rest. Discs touching a division line do not score.

Discs cannot be removed until the scorekeeper, or umpire has verified the score. The penalty for this infraction will be: movement of own disc then that disc will not be counted; removal of opponent’s disc, the disc will be put back as close as possible to previous position.

A standard playing court measuring six feet in width and 52 feet in length will be used.

The playing area shall be 39 feet in length from baseline to baseline.

(Source: Nova Scotia 55+ Games)