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MusicAtlantic Lotto Sponsorship Program

Organization: Atlantic Lottery
Description: Our sponsorship program lets us be involved in some of the causes and events that matter to Atlantic Canadians. A little smaller but no less important, are the events where communities come together. Think local festivals or events featuring food, entertainment and family fun. Community celebrations let us experience all that is uniquely Atlantic Canadian. When the fit is right, we’ll be there, jumping in to help celebrate.
Area of Funding:
Community Events, Festivals, Concerts
Maximum Funding Amount: not specified

Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage 

Organization: Canadian Heritage
The Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage Program was created to help you celebrate your community, its past and its present. The Program will increase opportunities, through festivals and other events and projects, for local artists and artisans to be involved in their community and for local groups to commemorate their local history and heritage.
Area of Funding:
local festivals, community anniversaries, legacy fund
Maximum Funding Amount: $500,000 (dependent on the funding you are applying for)

Celebrate Canada Funding

Organization: Canadian Heritage
Description: Canadian Heritage provides financial support for activities organized during the Celebrate Canada period, from June 21 to July 1. These activities celebrate National Aboriginal Day on June 21, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day on June 24, Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27 and Canada Day on July 1.
Area of Funding:
Canada day celebrations,
Maximum Funding Amount: Not Specified