Physical Activity

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Community Healthy Living Fund

Organization: Department of Seniors Wellness and Social Development
Description: The Community Healthy Living Fund offers support to communities, community groups, recreation committees and organizations to plan and deliver initiatives to improve the health and well-being of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and to enhance opportunities for people to live healthy, active lifestyles.

The new Community Healthy Living Fund replaces the following provincial grant programs:

  • Seniors Recreation Grant Program
  • Provincial Health and Wellness Grant Program
  • Age-Friendly NL Organization Grant Program
  • Community Recreation Support Program (Capital Grant, Physical Activity Equipment Grant and Community Recreation Development Grant).

Maximum Funding Amount: Dependant on which component you are applying for.

Specialized Program Fund

Organization: School Sports NL
Description: The Specialized Program fund is intended to help schools by providing funding in order to provide opportunities for under represented students to participate in extra-curricular non traditional sport, physical activity and recreation as an extra curricular program.  Grants range from $200-$500 . Grants are awarded yearly so if your school applies after the deadline it will be placed in consideration for the next school year. For more information on the grant criteria and the definition of an under represented student  please see the application please check our website.
Area of Funding: Physical Activity, Schools, non-traditional sport
Maximum Funding Amount: $200 – $500

Parasport Development Fund with the Canadian Paralympic 

Organization: Parasport
Description: The Canadian Paralympic Committee offers several programs and resources to support your interest in Para sport. You will find resources such as lesson plans and the Paralympic Fundamentals Resource to help you bring para sport into your classroom or sport programming. You can also find information about funding that can support Para sport initiatives in your community.
Area of Funding: Physical Activity, Schools, Parasport
Maximum Funding Amount: Unavailable

Parasport Jumpstart Grants

Organization: Jumpstart
Description:The Para Sport Jumpstart Fund provides funding to support quality sport and physical activity programs that provide positive introductory and early competition Parasport experiences. Para Sport Jumpstart Fund covers costs associated with registration, transportation and equipment.
Area of Funding: Physical Activity, Schools, Jumpstart
Maximum Funding Amount: Unavailable

 Jumpstart Accessibility Grant

Organization: Jumpstart
Description:In 2020, Jumpstart will accept grant applications for projects valued up to $500,000 (i.e. renovations, retrofits or construction of community facilities and venues) designed to enhance existing or new building plans for sport and recreation spaces with uniquely innovative solutions for inclusion and accessibility for children of all abilities.
Area of Funding: Physical Activity, Inclusion
Maximum Funding Amount: Unavailable