Healthy Snack Ideas – Summer Day Camps/ After-school Programs

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Are you looking for healthy snack ideas to offer at your day camp or after-school program? Here are some easy, nutritious, and affordable snack ideas that meet Canada’s Food Guide:

  • Fresh fruit – examples include apples, bananas, oranges, or others which are on sale at a good price. If serving oranges, try peeling and segmenting them for younger kids.
  • Canned fruit – packed in juice or light syrup.
  • Frozen fruit – these are great to make smoothies, or top yogurt for yogurt parfaits.
  • Dried fruit – look for 100% fruit with no sugar added. Serve dried fruit with another food like a granola bar or yogurt, if possible.
  • Fruit sauce – look for 100% fruit with no added sugar, e.g., applesauce.
  • Whole grain granola bars – look for options not dipped or covered in chocolate or yogurt. Examples of healthy options include: Nature Valley Lunchbox varieties, or Kashi 7 Grain with Quinoa – Chocolate Chip or Honey Oat Flax.
  • Whole grain crackers. Examples of healthy options include: Christie’s Premium Plus Whole Grain, or Christie Wheat Thins 100% Whole Grain. Note: Goldfish crackers are not recommended.
  • Individual yogurts
  • Individual hard cheese portions or cheese strings
  • Water or white milk – 100% fruit juice and chocolate milk are not recommended.