New Resource for After School Program Supervisors to Support Mental Health through Quality Physical Activity

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Healthy Minds in Active Bodies is a resource for supervisors of after school programs that are being delivered to children and youth of all ages. It has been developed by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS), as part of the Canadian Active After School Partnership (CAASP), and aims to foster positive mental health for all participants. It is part of a range of resources and tools being delivered through CAASP – a comprehensive and collaborative initiative of six national organizations (including CAAWS) working to enhance the quality of active after school programs to improve the health of Canada’s children and youth.

Healthy Minds in Active Bodies makes an important link between physical activity and mental health, and fills a significant void by providing supervisors with a resource that offers information on risk factors for mental health issues, signs and symptoms, the role of physical activity as an intervention, suggestions on program enhancements, and guidelines on how to talk to children, parents and staff about issues of concern. In addition, five corresponding fact sheets have been developed to provide information on specific areas, including:

  • Promoting Mental Health Amongst Girls and Young Women
  • Promoting Mental Health Amongst Children with a Disability
  • A Leader’s Guide for Talking with Parents
  • A Leader’s Guide for Talking with Staff
  • A Guide for Parents

These resources, as well as PDF copies of both the English and French Healthy Minds in Active Bodies manual can be downloaded from In addition, CAAWS has limited quantities of all of these resources available upon request.  Please contact to request additional copies.