ParticipACTION “Pulse Report”

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 Canadians know and accept the need to move more, so why don’t they? 

The ParticipACTION Pulse Report powered by MEC gauges what physical activity means to Canadians to help better understand their inactivity 

According to the ParticipACTION Pulse Report powered by MEC, released today, Canadians know physical inactivity is a big problem that is putting their health at risk. In fact, 83 per cent of them rate it as the most serious health issue facing society – even worse than tobacco and alcohol use. Furthermore, they take responsibility for the issue (84 per cent), and they believe physical activity is worth the effort (86 per cent) and need more of it (87 per cent). So, why are one in eight Canadians still not active enough? This new report takes a “pulse” on Canadians’ perceptions of physical activity to help better understand the inactivity problem. 

“The findings tell us that Canadians are getting the message: they know they need to move more, and they feel a personal responsibility to do so,” said Elio Antunes, President and CEO of ParticipACTION. “The fact that they take responsibility and enjoy being active is an important step to getting us moving more.” 

Three quarters (74 per cent) of Canadians enjoy being physically active. Although more than half (57 per cent) say they need to psych themselves up to get moving, they don’t feel like being more physically active is unattainable (66 per cent). In addition, a large majority of them (88 per cent) believe that individuals are responsible for solving the physical inactivity problem in Canada, more so than other factors beyond an individual’s control, such as parents (75 per cent), schools (52 per cent) or government (24 per cent). 

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