ParticipACTION Teen Challenge Helps St. Lawrence Academy Girls Get Active!

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In the Fall of 2013, two teachers, Danielle Edwards and Sandra Rennie, at St. Lawrence Academy in St. Lawrence began a fitness group for the Junior and Senior High girls. The initial goal was to give girls the opportunity to enhance their fitness in a non-competitive setting. We began by introducing a walk-run program that would gradually build their endurance to run 5 km. The group held a Charity Fun Run that raised over $1200 for the school playground. During the winter months, the group focused on other forms of physical activity and tried a number of different fitness regimes, including cardio, pilates, yoga, strength training, and running. The participants thoroughly enjoyed trying different exercise routines. We purchased free weights, yoga mats, and resistance bands with the help of funding from ParticipACTION that the students used throughout the program. This equipment will remain with the fitness and running group to be used in the years to come. We had about 15 girls who were active participants in our group and are looking forward to having a “membership drive” in the new school year to welcome to members to our group. Thanks to the funding from ParticipACTION for allowing us to purchase equipment to keep our program going strong!!