Benefits of Physical Activity for All Ages

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Recreation NL’s Find Your Fit! Campaign is encouraging everyone to get as excited as we are about the importance of physical activity and the benefits it can have on an individuals or a community’s health and well-being. Below are lists of some of these benefits.

Mental Benefits

– Improves self esteem and confidence
– Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
– Improves mood
– Enhances concentration and learning
– Develops positive lifelong attitudes towards physical
– Prevents cognitive decline (ie: Alzheimers)
– Helps control addiction
– Increases relaxation
– Assist with problem solving and creativity skills

Physical Benefits

– Prevents falls in older adults
– Develops strong muscles and bones
– Develops a healthy cardiovascular system
– Reduces risk for disease
– Improves energy and stamina
– Increases longevity
– Improves quality of sleep
– Continued independent living later in life
– Better posture

Social Benefits

– Encourages community connectedness
– Improves social skills & communication
– Reduces isolation and loneliness
– Creates safer places and communities
– Contributes to better performing schools
– Creation of lasting friendships
– Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
– Encourages healthy family engagement
– Provides opportunities for children to learn different aspects of the social world such as cooperation and sharing
– Helps young people develop self –discipline and leadership
– Teaches young children how to deal with winning and losing

Environmental Benefits

– Reduces traffic congestion
– Reduces air pollution
– Reduces greenhouse gases
– Reduces noise pollution
– Safer places with people out and about
– Reduced need for the enormous amount of space required to store, drive and park motor vehicles.

Economic Benefits

– Creation of employment
– Attracts tourism
– Reduction in absenteeism at the workplace
– Reduction in crime rates
– Health savings from reduction of disease

See subpages for information, activities and resources for each age group