Physical Activity Equipment

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Equipment Suppliers

Below are a variety of groups and companies who sell physical activity equipment


ABC Recreation

ABCIf you are looking for playground, splash pad, park furnishings, skateparks, or outdoor fitness equipment ABC Recreation can assist you. Visit ABC Recreation webpage.



AquamIf you are in the market for a new swimming pool, replenishing your existing equipment, tools for your aquatic programs or clothing for your team, Aquam’s your number 1 source! Visit Aquam Inc.



Centaur Products


Centaur Products is Canada’s most experienced and accomplished Sport Contractor, specializing in the project management, provision, installation and servicing of a wide range of sport-related construction products including: artificial turf, running tracks, synthetic sports flooring, hardwood gymnasium flooring, rubber fitness room flooring, spectator seating, scoreboards, video display systems and sports equipment. Visit Centaur Products Inc.


Dynamo Industries


Dynamo Industries is a world leader in innovative playground equipment. Our stunning designs and masterful engineering ensure that every piece we build inspires the imagination of children everywhere. Our primary mission is the creation of the safest, most durable and most fun playground equipment in the world. Visit Dynamo Industries


Everything Fitness Inc.

everything fitness

If you are looking for cardio equipment, core and stretching  equipment or more then Everything Fitness can get you moving! Visit Everything Fitness Inc.


Henderson Recreation Equipment Ltd.


If you are interested in purchasing some equipment for playgrounds whether it be a swing, a piece of inclusive equipment or a total play structure check out Henderson Recreation Equipment Limited. Visit Henderson Recreation Equipment Ltd.


Le Groupe Sports-Inter Plus


If you are looking for dumbells, soccer nets or other sporting goods check out Le Groupe Sport-Inter Plus. Visit Le Groupe Sports – Inter Plus



Lettuce Make Thyme

This company sells giant games, game books, workshops and other physical activity products to get communities and individuals active. Read More.




Untitled15 This company provide pedometers, portion control plates, healthy living packages, stand – up desks, reflective vests and more to get you moving! Read More.


Dr. Jim Cain

Untitled2Jim has a variety of teamwork books and activities that are sure to make people laugh and get active. Read More.



Untitled9This organization provides physical activity equipment packages from balls, to hoola hoops, to rubber chickens that is great for children/youth programming. Read More.




This company sell anything you would need for any type of physical activity program. They also sell inclusive and adaptive equipment so everyone can be physically active! Read More.


PHE Canada

This organization is a great resource for after school physical activity kits, books, and inclusive materials. Read More.



This company sells strength conditioning equipment, inclusive equipment and a variety of sports equipment to get individuals active. Read More.


School Specialty

This company provides a variety of physical education equipment as well as adaptive equipment to get people active. Visit School Specialty.


Sportfactor Inc.

This company sells a variety of sports equipment including badminton, basketball, golf, etc. They also sell uniforms and other resources. Visit Sportfactor Inc.


Mountain Equipment Co-op

This company sell a wide range of outdoor equipment. Read More.



Gopher Sport

gopher This company specializes in physical education equipment, fitness equipment, sports equipment, fitness assessment equipment and activity curriculum solutions. Visit Gopher.