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Recreation NL is the Authorized Provider for HIGH FIVE in Newfoundland and Labrador.

HIGH FIVE is Canada’s only comprehensive quality assurance program for children’s recreation and sport programs. Using a systematic approach to quality assurance, HIGH FIVE is designed to promote the healthy development of children 6-12 years old. Based upon Principles of healthy child development, HIGH FIVE combines training, assessment tools, resources, public education and collaboration to ensure children have the best possible sport and recreation experiences.

Learn Why Quality Matters:

HIGH FIVE NL Vision:“HIGH FIVE is recognized as the critical building block for the healthy population. Being designated as a HIGH FIVE entity is seen as representing quality children’s recreation programming. HIGH FIVE is the primary certification for front line leaders working with children, and the ultimate source of accessible tools, training and resources that leads to excellence in children’s recreation programming. HIGH FIVE is part of the culture of all organizations that care about healthy child development.”

History of HIGH FIVE NL

HIGH FIVE NL Advisory Committee

List of 2017 HIGH FIVE Registered Organizations


Carla Sullivan
Recreation Newfoundland & Labrador
Phone: (709) 729-1510
Email: physicalactivity@recreationnl.com



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