Healthy Minds for Healthy Children

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_MG_0723HIGH FIVE Healthy Minds for Healthy Children builds on Parks and Recreation Ontario’s existing expertise in healthy child development with an online training and downloadable resource. This will help when working with children to positively influence the childs mental health.

Developed with expertise from Dr. Stanley Kutcher and Dr. Wayne Hammond, this new training offers engagement strategies for nurturing resiliency in children and provides insights into common mental health distress or disorders that children could be experiencing.

Learner Outcomes

At the completion of this training, learners will be able to:

  • Identify HIGH FIVE’s link to children’s mental health and the rationale behind the ‘Healthy Minds for Healthy Children’ training;
  • Identify key character traits for healthy child development;
  • Identify good leadership and their role as A Caring Adult in nurturing children’s mental health;
  • Create a welcoming environment;
  • Use engagement strategies with children who may be suffering from mental health distress or a mental health disorder;
  • Use a Strength Based Decision Making Model to engage children and;
  • Communicate with children and parents about sensitive topics.

To access the training participants can go through the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Log into the Database (if you do not have Login and Password, you can email your Authorized Provider to get a new Login and Password)
  • Once logged in, go to ‘Person’ tab followed by ‘View my Profile’ tab
  • Select the ‘Training’ tab
  • Under ‘Available Training’ you should see your training, click on ‘Take the Training’
  • You will be re-directed to ‘My Learning’ platform, click on ‘HIGH FIVE’, followed by ‘My Courses’, then select your training
  • If you have any questions, you can email us at

“Our children and youth are often excluded from recreational activities due to their mental health challenges and we are thrilled to see training like HIGH FIVE Healthy Minds for Healthy Children that will provide information that can hopefully enhance our children’s ability to participate once again in sports and recreation programs.”

Keli Anderson Executive Director, The F.O.R.C.E. Society for Kids’ Mental Health

Duration: 1 hour

Pre-Requisite: Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) or HIGH FIVE Sport

Audience: Coaches Front-line Leaders