Strengthening Children’s Mental Health

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This one-day in-person training, developed in collaboration with Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario, will help anyone running children’s programs be more informed and prepared to support their staff in promoting positive mental health in children.  Participants will learn key concepts and factors that affect children’s mental health including thCMHe impact of stress and environment on a child’s ability to cope. This training will provide tools and suggested activities to use with staff to help improve their understanding and interaction
s with children who face challenges in their programs.

Learner Outcomes

At the completion of this training, learners will be able to identify key concepts related to children’s mental health, as well as strategies to help staff promote positive mental health and respond appropriately to children with challenges and/or mental health conditions.


7.5 hours

Resources: Participants receive resources related to Mental Health including the Strengthening Children’s Mental Health – Building Knowledge and Strategies Leader Resource book.

Audience: Front-line Leaders, Coaches, Instructors, Managers, Supervisors, and Teachers