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shutterstock_78345325You Can Play Too! Inclusion Manual

This manual provides an understanding about the steps your community needs to have in place to be inclusive. There are also a variety of helpful forms and policies and procedure templates that will help ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to participate in recreation and physical activities. Order yours today!

Recreation Inclusion Directory

This document provides an overview of various community supports that will be useful for your community to become more inclusive. Recreation Inclusion Directory.

Guiding Behaviours

The following is a list of tools that you can use in your recreational programs to assist with recording behaviors, as well as determining behaviour and safety plans for dealing with difficult behaviours.

1) ABC Recording Sheet

ABC Recording Sheet (SAMPLE)

2) Behaviour Plan Sheet

Behaviour Plan Sheet (SAMPLE)

3) Safety Plan Sheet

Safety Plan Sheet (SAMPLE)

Accessible Guides

Guide to Accessible Festivals and Outdoor Events

Pathways to Recreation: Learning about Ontario’s Accessibility Standard for the Design of Public Spaces

An Inclusive Emergency Planning Guide: A Resource for First Time Responders and Community Leaders 

Funding Opportunities

There are some funding opportunities available to people who are interested in providing inclusion recreation programs and services in place within their community. Check out our funding section.

Inclusive Activity/Game Ideas

Geocaching – Geocaching is a social sport so buddies or partners are always welcome but following these standards will help individuals to be as independent as possible while participating. This checklist is designed to help promote the preferred elements for an accessible cache so individuals with a physical disability have success finding geocaches and cache owners have a tool to accurately rate and plant their caches. Click here.

Goalball –  The object of Goalball is to score goals, while blindfolded, by rolling the goalball along the floor toward the opposing team’s goal, while the opposing players attempt to prevent the goalball from crossing the goal line. For more information please click here

Boccia – This strategic Paralympic sport is a cross between lawn bowling and curling in which a player/team throws or rolls their ball to get as close to the target ball that is on the court. For more information please click here

shutterstock_105525734-1Tai Chi –This martial art, also referred to as moving meditation, can be practiced for relaxation and self-fulfillment. For more information please click here

Netball – Netball is similar to basketball, except there is no backboard on the basket, only specific players can score, and there is no dribbling. The object of the game is to score as many goals as possible from within an area called the Goal Circle.  For more information please click here.

Additional Resources

Visual Schedules  – This resource is an excellent tool to for children to anticipate what will be happening next and reduce their anxiety by providing the child with a vision of their day and promote calmness between transitions.  For more information about visual schedules or samples please click here

Visual Timers – This tool is designed not only for children but adults with special needs.  It comforts those with disabilities and can improve productivity. For more information or to purchase a timer please click here




Environmental Scan

For the environmental scan, information on inclusive recreation was gathered from a systematic online scan. The research was completed in two phases. The first phase was conducting the online scan and the second phase was completing in-depth interviews with less than 10 programs across the country. The key findings document is a snapshot of the full report.
Environmental Scan Inclusive Recreation Key Findings