Step Across Canada Challenge

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Untitled15On January 1st, Steps Across Canada is set to begin. With a New Year comes a new beginning for many, and in light of that StepsCount is launching a new program. Steps Across Canada is an all inclusive program – meaning everyone and anyone is welcome to take part. The program is simply to motivate people to move by providing a sense of community and a singular goal.


The goal is to get enough steps to walk across all of Canada’s provinces and territories, using steps from everyone who takes part.


By posting your steps to StepsCount’s Facebook wall, private messaging them or Tweeting them to StepsCount you are taking part. All activities count, so if you don’t keep track of steps, but want to take part, just post what activity you have done and for how long. StepsCount will calculate it and include your steps.


This is a great opportunity for you to work towards a major goal, while keeping motivated to keep up with your fitness in the cold months. Your steps don’t have to be outside, playing badminton, doing Yoga, or doing a workout at the gym all count. So you can do what you love and have a larger goal to show for it at the end. Won’t you be proud to say you helped walk across Canada?


Plus StepsCount will be posting maps of the progress, so you can see where your steps are taking you.


So get moving!