Student Summer Employment Programs

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The Student Summer Employment Programs (SSEP) provide funding to assist private sector businesses and not-for-profit organizations in creating summer employment for students. There are two separate programs. One is aimed at employing post-secondary students called SSEP – Post-secondary and the other is aimed at employing high school students called SSEP – High School.

Application Deadlines

There will be two separate programs and application deadline dates for summer 2015.

  • The deadline for employers applying to the Student Summer Employment Program – Post-secondary will be April 17, 2015. This applies to both private and not-for-profit employers who are eligible to apply for this program.
  • The deadline for organizations applying to the Student Summer Employment Program – High School will be May 1, 2015. This will apply to the not-for-profit employers who are eligible to apply for this program.

Registering in the Department’s New LaMPPS System

  • The Department of Advanced Education and Skills (AES) recently implemented the Labour Market Programs Support System (LaMPSS) to administer its Labour Market Programs in the province. As a result, all organizations applying for funding through the Dept. of AES must first register with LaMPSS.
  • LaMPSS registration with the Dept. of AES is a one-time process. As a LaMPSS registered organization, you will also be able to apply for the Student Summer Employment Programs and other labour market programs using its new self-serve functionality. For some organizations, this application process will have already been completed as part of the application to AES for other programs. For most organizations however, LaMPSS registration will be a new required action.
  • All information needed for registration in LaMPSS is available online at: This includes access to forms and detailed information regarding web browser capability and the required steps to access the system.
  • Once registered, in order to access the system and your organization’s account, a username and password are required. These will be sent automatically to the email address on file for your organization/business. The email address used will be the one submitted as part of LaMPSS registration process.
  • The LaMPSS self-serve capability enables organizations to update information (including name, address, email address and contact information) and to access fillable forms. For your reference, a user guide is available at

For additional information on the Student Summer Employment Program please visit: