Updated Summer Day Camp Guidelines

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The guidance document for Summer Day Camps have recently been updated. The full document can be found here.

Below are the key points that have been revised:

Summer Day Camp During COVID-19 Restrictions:

  • Staff may prompt children for personal care and other supportive needs, but may not physically assist. A consistent designate may be identified to help children with these needs, if required.  This person must complete the same public health screening as staff and participants when entering the program facility.  The role, responsibilities, and schedule for the designate are to be determined in consultation with the family/guardian/caregiver and the day camp provider.
  • Those considered particularly vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 or who have family members considered vulnerable in this way, should use discretion in availing of Day Camp programs. www.gov.nl.ca/covid-19/files/Supporting-Vulnerable-Populations.pdf

Operational Requirements:

  • Establish program-specific guidance for adhering to COVID-19 safety measures, such as increased handwashing, staying within assigned leader groups, etc.  If procedures cannot be followed due to comprehension or ability, the family/guardian/caregiver and after school program provider should work in consultation to develop a program or plan that is suitable for the participants required needs and abilities.