Washer Toss

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FYFActivities 65+

Suggested Age: 5 – 64+ years of age


  • Washers
  • Large playing area
  • 15 inch boxes with cup in the middle
  • scoring stick


Boxes are to be standard, ’15” Flower Shop Boxes’, if possible. Teams will use washers of different colours; each team will have two washers. A standard scoring stick is required at each pitch.

Boxes are to be placed 20 feet apart.

One player from each team will be designated to toss from each end of the pitch. When tossing the players front foot must be behind the front of the box at that end of the pitch.

The player from each team will toss their two washers in succession, following which the score for that end of play will be determined by the players at the other end of the pitch. At the start of the game the team to toss first will be determined by a coin toss, once a score has been made the team to score last will toss first.

The winning team will be the first team to reach or exceed 21 points. Note: To enable the games to precede more quickly the requirement for an exact score of 21 WILL NOT BE USED.


  1. After each team’s player has tossed their two washers the score for that end will be determined. Only one team can score on a single end. The score for the washers thrown is as follows:
    • 3 points – In middle cup
    • 2 points – Inside the box
    • 1 point – Outside the box, but close enough that it can be touched by the scoring stick while the stick is touching the box.
  2. Washers outside the box can count anywhere around the box. Leaners and/or washers which go under the box will be considered the same as a washer touching the box. Washers of different colour at equal distance outside the box cancel.
  3. Washers of different colours in the same area, middle cup or box cancel.
  4. For washers of different colours outside the box the closest to the box scores. If 3 or 4 washers are within scoring distance outside the box, a team may score 2 points if both their washers are closer than the opponent’s. 
NOTE: Only one team can score on an end! However, either team’s washer which has not been cancelled eliminates all washers of the other team in a lower position. For example; with a yellow washer in the middle zone, a silver washer in the box and a yellow washer in the scoring area outside the box, the yellow team scores 3 only. A team’s score from an end is added to that team’s previous score until one of the teams reach or exceeds 21 points. That team is then declared the winner and will be awarded 5 points in the overall competition.

 (Source: Nova Scotia 55+ Games)