Workplace Wellness

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Workplace Wellness Campaign – October 12-23, 2020

Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador is proud to provide you with resources to help create a workplace that acknowledges and promotes wellness in all forms. Our hope is that organizations and businesses will use these resources as a stepping stone to building healthier work environments and continue to do so all year round. Wellness programs are beneficial for all those involved, will reduce employee stress, improve wellbeing, increase productivity, create greater job satisfaction, plus so much more.

This year’s 2-week social media campaign will focus on wellness activities in every work environment. We will be encouraging employers to create environments (physical and time) that foster wellness.

Wellness is not exclusive to physical wellness; overall wellness must also include mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. In the resources below you will find helpful tips for both employers and employees, ideas on how to implement wellness programs and challenges to build morale amongst all employees.

Workplace Wellness – Healthy Eating
Workplace Wellness – Stretching at your desk

Use this door knocker to let your co-workers know that you are taking a wellness break! You just might inspire someone to do the same.

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