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Wage subsidies (50%) will be available for 2018 and 2019 summer for municipalities and other organizations to hire Youth for Green Jobs

In the federal budget 2017, the government announced additional investments to expand employment opportunities for young Canadians.  Part of this commitment was to create 15,000 new ‘green’ jobs for young Canadians.

CPRA is finalizing an agreement with the federal government to administer the program amongst municipalities and other sector partners (non-profit parks organizations, conservation authorities)

The program will provide wage subsidies (50%) to provide green summer youth work opportunities for 2018 and 2019.  The wage subsidy will be up to maximum government contribution of $7140 for each youth/job – to be matched by the employer.   While employers are welcome to pay a lower or higher wage, but the government contribution is capped at $7140 per youth/job. The positions can be 4-16 weeks and the definition of ‘youth’ will be 18-30.

While the program details are not finalized, the definition of a ‘green’ job is broad including park horticulture and landscaping, parks operations, parks planning, parks technicians, biodiversity, outdoor play/park facilitators, parks ambassadors or interpreters. The jobs are to be ‘new’ but we have flexibility in this area.

CPRA commits to the sector to make this process flexible, efficient and positive.

To recap, the final partnership agreement still needs to be finalized with the federal government but CPRA is confident in this process and encourages eligible organizations (including municipalities and other sector organizations) to plan accordingly. CPRA encourages municipalities and organizations to budget for this great opportunity to hire that extra position or two or three…. that will move their parks agenda forward.

As soon as guidelines, details and applications are available, CPRA will share with stakeholders through each of the Provincial and Territorial Recreation and Park Associations.